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Vexti is incredibly especially extremely dedicated to customer service.

We deliver consistent, reliable customer service to small businesses.

Our Features

Mobile First

Your customers have gone mobile and we take that seriously (we wrote a book on it). Your websites will be mobile friendly.


The last thing you want is to hear about your website being hacked. Your website will use a superior architecture to prevent hacks.

Customer Support

You will get your issue addressed quickly. We begin work within 16 hours of receiving a request.


You will have visiblity into your website traffic. You will be able to see visitors geography, browsers, etc.


Your website will be FAST! Speed is critical to conversions, sense of quality, and for low-bandwidth mobile devices. Your site will load in under 2 seconds.


Your website will not go down. We work hard to ensure your website is up 24/7/365.

and more...

It is hard to run your business if you don't know when things will be done. We are committed to setting realistic deadlines and hitting them.
Email isn't the hot new kid on the block. Email is also effective and isn't going anywhere. If you are anything like me I expect you spend a fair bit of your day (and maybe even some nights and weekends) responding to email. We help you collect customer emails. No matter what you own those emails.
You do great work! We help you show the world the awesome stuff you do!

We're excited to work with small business owners.

We are business owners ourselves. We want to help you spend less time on your website and more time doing what you love.

Meet the Team

David Smith CEO A small business owner himself, David built Vexti to help busy small business owners get results from their websites.
Clients love talking with David because he has the rare combination of tech skills combined with business savvy.
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Phil Sheets Idea Guy Phil Sheets, our “Idea Guy”, is a dynamic, talented communicator and collaborator who truly listens to his clients’ needs. His diverse background, including a specialty in health care marketing, has given him a solid foundation in customer service. Phil’s passions center around refining client ideas and bringing those visions to life. His particular talent for marrying need with innovation means an improved web-dentity for your business. Allow Phil to put his unique touch on your particular project—he is thoroughly committed to exceeding your expectations! Twitter
Stuart Pearman Design Lead From ideation to completion, Mr. Pearman enjoys few things more than exploring fun and challenging new ways to shape the web. Professionally trained in design, Mr. Pearman been creating eye-catching visual designs across various media for 2 years. Twitter Linkedin
Derek Ebeling Software Developer Derek has a thirst for knowledge. He studies computer science and has a passion for computer systems. His ability to pick up new technologies quickly makes him a valuable part of our team.
Opening Web Designer In this critical position as our Web Designer you will use your awesome website design skills to build websites that drive results for business owners. You will work directly with our CEO, David Smith.

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Have a question about your website? A question about what you can do with it? We love helping small business owners. Shoot us an email or use the contact form on the left and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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